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Survey Results: What the people of Newark want to see on Main Street

We surveyed 42 Newark, Delaware residents to understand what they think of the restaurants and bars on Main Street and what additional businesses they want to see. Here is what they said.

During any given week, how often do you eat out at a restaurant in Newark?

This question was designed to understand how often people are actually going out at restaurants in Newark. According to the results, 62% of the survey sample said they eat out 1-2 times a week and almost 17% said 3-4 times a week. This shows that there is indeed a demand for restaurants to go out to.

What type of restaurant/ cuisine would you like to see in Newark?

To get a more in depth look at what types of cuisines the people of Newark would like to see, we asked them to chose amongst six options that aren't prevalent in Newark. The answers were somewhat spread out with the most answers being for sit down breakfast at about 35% and burgers/diner food at 30%. The two answers fall under a similar category sense you could have a sit down breakfast at a diner. All together, it's clear that the people of Newark want a reliable and easy place to eat.

(For people 21+) In your opinion, do you think the city of Newark has enough bars or places for nightlife?

Over 70% of the survey participants agreed that Newark does not have enough places for nightlife. "Nightlife" could be defined differently by everyone but taken in total, there is an apparent demand for more options of places to go out to at night.

How likely would it be for you to try a new restaurant or bar on Main Street?

This data shows that the people of Newark are very willing and able to try new restaurants and bars on Main Street. The answers were overwhelming positive showing that the people want to try new things.

Please rank how important the following qualities are to you in regards to restaurants/bars.

For this last question, we asked that the survey respondants answer how important each category is to them. This is interesting because it shows which factors effect people's opinions as well as which factors do not. After analyzing the data, it can be concluded that on average, the people of Newark value food quality and price much more than location.

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